Fishing Reports



December 6th, 2018

Flow: 62 cfs (including hatchery outflow of 30cfs)

Water Temp: 45F From the dam.  

Clarity: 3 feet

Hatches: Blue winged olive mayflies (BWO’s) and Midge

Fishing continues to be good on the Pueblo Tailwater, with daily hatches of midge and BWO’s, however, the combination of low flows and increased water clarity is making it harder to fool the mature rainbows and brown.  The river was stocked last week with “catchable” rainbows that average about 10″.  These fish can be readily caught with a wide range of traditional flies such as pheasant tail, prince and hare’s ear nymphs; as well as renegades, griffith’s gnats and irresistible adams dry flies.  

If you’re more interested in “quality” over “quantity”, focus on matching the hatch with a good variety of small mayfly nymphs and emergers and midge larva and pupa in size 20 – 24.  During heavy hatches, you can also find some large fish feeding in the surface film.  Now that the water clarity has improved 6X tippet is recommended for flies sz 20 and smaller and 7X tippet may be needed when fishing small dry flies.  When there isn’t a noticeable hatch in progress we are seeing quite a few large fish dropping back into slack water from 2 to 4 feet deep.  At these times it’s helpful to lengthen your leader to 12 – 16′ long and either go without any indicator or use a small yarn or stick-on, foam indicator to avoid spooking fish when your line touches down on the surface.  The best window for BWOs to hatch is from 11:00 am to 2:oo pm.  Midge are often starting to hatch by 10:oo am and seem to ebb and flow throughout the afternoon.   The are often good numbers of cripples and spent adults concentrated in eddies late in the day that will attract the attention of some quality fish.  This is some of the most technical dry fly fishing to be had, but also very rewarding when you finally get one to eat!   

If you are looking for a guide to help you explore this unique, urban fishery, The Drift has the most experienced and knowledgeable fly fishing guides on the Pueblo Tailwater.  We are always happy to answer your questions and assist in arranging a trip that is sure to exceed your expectations. Thanks for checking in and as always “Tight Lines!”



Flow: 240 cfs at Wellsville

Water Temp:  33 – 36F

Clarity:  Good above Wellsville

Hatches:  Midge

The upper Arkansas is quickly transitioning from Fall to Winter conditions.  Water temperatures are remaining in the 30’s throughout the day and edge ice is forming in areas with limited exposure.  Fish will generally be most active mid day, from around 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The BWO’s are pretty much done so it’s mostly small midge that will be hatching from now until spring.

Fish tend to congregate in the deep, slow pools to conserve energy through winter.  Once you find one of these “winter lies” and dial in your depth and fly offering, you can have very good action.   


Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo


Arkansas River Tailwater Flows


Current Flow for the Arkansas River near Wellsville

Arkansas River Near Wellsville Flows

Flow Charts are courtesy of the Colorado Division of Water Resources

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