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May 19th, 2019
Flow:  926 cfs 
Water Temp: 46F from the Dam, 46 – 56F downstream 
Water Clarity: 1-2 feet with slight green tint
Hatches: Midge, Sporadic BWO and some Caddis on lower section

The flows have increased over the last few days on the tailwater. The fishing is still productive, a flush of food has energized waiting trout. SEE THE MAY 17th REPORT BELOW FOR THE FULL RUN DOWN. This said, with these increased flows, it is vital to know a few thing before you go so you may safely enjoy your day on the water. Crossing the river is not advisable at these flows. Plan on staying on one side of the river or know ahead of time where the various bridges are. If using waders please wear a well fitted (slightly snug),wader belt. While wading be cautious and aware of how you will return to shore. Have a fun and safe trip!

May 17th, 2019
Flow:  520 cfs 
Water Temp: 46F from the Dam, 46 – 56F downstream 
Water Clarity: 2 – 3 feet with slight green tint
Hatches: Midge, Sporadic BWO and some Caddis on lower section

The tailwater continues to offer great spring fishing conditions for both wading and float fishing.  This will likely be the last week where you can wade fish the tailwater and still find plenty of areas to wade across.   After today increase, the river is flowing at 520 cfs from the dam, which is about half of the normal flow for this time of year.  With cooler weather once again expected for the weekend we should see flows stabilize until the next warm front arrives. 

The hatches have been comprised mainly of midge, with sporadic BWO’s and some caddis on the lower stretch.  When bugs aren’t actively hatching you can expect fish to be feeding opportunistically.  Large blood midge, eggs and leech patterns have been effective at these times.  The water is getting a green tint which is making sight fishing more challenging, but you can go up a size on tippet to give you an edge during the fight. 

We are hope that conditions will remain excellent for float fishing for a couple more weekends, or until flows raise above 2,000 cfs.   We currently have availability for float trips on May 19th and 31st and June 1st and 2nd.  If you’d like to do a walk/wade or float fishing trip before runoff really kicks in we recommend booking now.  Give us a call, reserve online or swing by the shop if you’d like to reserve a date with one of our local guides.




The warm water fishing is really turning on now that water temperatures are finally reaching the upper 50’s and low 60’s on the reservoir and local ponds. Bass and other panfish are staging for the spawn and can be found throughout the day in the 4 – 10′ depth range.  Wiper will be most accessible to shore bound fly fishers during periods of low light and/or windy conditions.  

Use a mix of streamers that imitate shad and crayfish when targeting bass and wiper. (Clouser minnows, Jawbreakers, Hada’s Creek Crawler and the Psychodelic Shad are some shop favorites)  Surface poppers can be particularly effective for bass when fished close to cover early and late in the day.  For wipers, a sinking line is helpful to get your streamer down and keep it in the feeding zone throughout the retrieve. 

Carp are also spending most of the day in the shallows or cruising near the surface.  Focus on the back coves of the reservoir as well as the local ponds. (Runyon is great for numbers)  Patterns resembling crayfish, damselfly and dragon fly nymph, as well as cottonwood seed are all good choices. It’s important to watch their behavior to assess if they are feeding, and if so, what they are keying on.

We offer guided fishing trips on the reservoir using a center-console, boat with a large casting platform and top of the line electronics.  Both full and half day trips are available.  We recommend booking at least a week in advance, but last minutes trips can often be accommodated. 




When heading UPSTREAM of Pueblo Reservoir to fish the Arkansas River, keep in mind that trout populations have plummeted in Bighorn Sheep Canyon since the Hayden Pass Fire. The stretch of river that has been impacted starts just below Coaldale and extends all the way down through Canon City.  Therefore,  you do NOT want to start fishing until you reach Coaldale. Stop by the shop and pick up a river map if you to know exactly where all the public access lies upstream of Coaldale.   


Flow: 870 cfs at Wellsville

Water Temp:  45 – 55F depending on weather, location and time of day

Clarity:  Poor below Salida; stained but fishable along edges upstream of Salida.  

Hatches:  Midge, BWO and Caddis

Conditions are changing quickly on the upper Ark in response to current weather conditions.  The warm weather we’ve experienced this week has led to increased snowmelt and a notable increase in flows.  Water clarity has diminished in response but is still fishing good upstream of Salida.  With cooler weather moving in tonight, we expect conditions to improve slightly through the weekend. Expect to find improved clarity the futher upstream you go, with the best visibility upstream of Buena Vista. 

Focus on fishing the edges with a stonefly dry/dropper rig or double nymph/small streamer set up.  Chubby chernobyl’s and Parachute Madam X’s are top dry fly picks with  Pat’s rubberlegs and 20 inchers being excellent nymph options.   Remember to up size your tippet with the stained water and fish a short line.



Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo


Arkansas River Tailwater Flows


Current Flow for the Arkansas River near Wellsville

Arkansas River Near Wellsville Flows

Flow Charts are courtesy of the Colorado Division of Water Resources


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