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Pueblo Tailwater

Arkansas River Canon City to Salida




August 18th

Current Flow: 488 cfs

Water Temp: 66F

Clarity: Heavily Stained with about 12" visibility


August 20th:

Flows below the dam dropped to 488 CFS this morning, which is the lowest level since May. The lower flows will certainly make moving around the river easier and should improve fishing as well. Clarity is still poor but with declines in both inflows and outflows on the reservoir, we expect to see clarity start to improve. Now that flows are down in the typical range again, the effectiveness of smaller patterns will increase. We still are using some of the bigger bugs mentioned below, but trailing caddis larva and pupa in 14's and 16's, as well as midge and mayfly imitations in 16 - 20, will be helpful during peak hatch periods. The morning hours are when we are seeing the best hatches of midge, tricos and caddis/aquatic moths. There has been some PMD activity in the afternoon/evening, along with egg laying caddis.


We are still offering float trips in addition to our walk/wade offerings. Give us a call or stop by if you'd like to schedule a day on the water with one of our knowledgeable guides. Tight Lines!



August 16th:

Fishing on the tailwater remains challenging but flows have steadily declined the past several days and if that trend continues we will be in much better shape. At this point, poor water clarity is the main factor limiting success. Despite the less than ideal conditions, it's still possible to catch fish and have an enjoyable time on the water. Plus, you are almost guaranteed to have any given stretch of the river to yourself. We have mostly been dead drifting dark streamers and larger nymphs which are easier for fish to see. If you walk the banks to will notice an abundance to juvenille suckers and crayfish so you might say we are still matching the "hatch." The weather is starting to dry out and we are hopefully that clarity improves over the coming weeks. When it does, we should be in for some excellent fishing.




The reservoir is in typical summer mode right now with most species of fish holding in water through much of the day. Look for periods of lower light, early morning and late evening as well as anytime there is good cloud cover, to find fish chasing young of the year shad close to the surface. If you are interested in doing some warm water fishing with one of our knowledgeable guides give us a call @ (719) 543-3900 to make your reservation.



Arkansas River Above Lake Pueblo


Conditions: August 15th

Flow @ Portland: 772 CFS

Water Temp: 66 - 68F

Water Clarity: 18 - 24"


August 20th:

This section of river is coming into good shape with flows dropping and water clarity much improved. The stretch of river from Canon City down to Lake Pueblo has less public access and is generally overshadowed by both the upper stretch, from Parkdale up to Leadville, and the tailwater section below Lake Pueblo. The river here flows swift and strong at most any flow and is best fished from a boat. There are fewer fish per mile here but the quaility of fish is good and they will certainly give you a "run for your money." The Drift is now offering both half and full day guided float trips on this stretch of river. Give us a call or stop in and we'd be happy to answer and questions you have.



Arkansas River Parkdale to Salida


Conditions: August 20th

Flow @ Wellsville: 588 CFS

Water Temp: 62 - 68F

Water Clarity: Good


August 20th:

We should be in for excellent late summer fishing throughout Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The rains have finally let up and water clarity has been good this past week. Flows at Wellsville are actually BELOW average for this time of year and the wade fishing has really improved. Fish can now be found in a wider range of water types as current velocity continues to decline. Hatches are primarily made up of PMD's, Red Quills, Caddis, Tricos and midge. Terrestrial insects are also very important and often make for a better searching pattern. Trailing a smaller dry or nymph (to imitate an aquatic insect) off the back of a hopper/beetle imitation can cover both bases.



Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo

Arkansas River Tailwater Flows

Arkansas River - Salida up to Headwaters

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Current Flow for the Arkansas River near Wellsville

Arkansas River Near Wellsville Flows

Flow Charts are courtesy of the Colorado Division of Water Resources http://www.dwr.state.co.us