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Pueblo Tailwater

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Conditions: June 14, 2018

Current Flow: 676 CFS

Water Temp: 52F from the dam, ranging from 50 - 58F down stream

Clarity: Good


June 14th:

Flows below the dam have been dropping over the last two weeks. The current flow of 676cfs is offering up good clarity while keeping water temperatures in healthy ranges for the trout. Fish are most active in the morning and evening with a slight slump in activity midday. Caddis have been hatching in large numbers and BWOs and Midges are making a daily appearance. True form, nymph and streamer fishing has been the most productive tactic however a dry dropper rig has been picking up fish here and there as well.



Lake Pueblo/Valco Ponds:
The reservoir and area warm water ponds have been fishing quite good now that water temperatures are rising into 60’s.  Bass and panfish can be found in the shallows and are in various phases of spawning depending on the body of water and location.  Wiper and walleye are utilizing more varied depths/structure depending on time of day and weather conditions but are generally in water less than 10’ deep during low light/windy periods. 


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Arkansas River - Bighorn Sheep Canyon



Arkansas River – Bighorn Sheep Canyon
Flow at Wellsville: 766cfs
Water Temps: Mid 50’s to Low 60’s
Water Clarity: Edges are clear up to 3ft


June 14th:
Flows on the upper Arkansas have been steadily dropping as run off subsides. The edges are clear up to around three feet. A variety of insects and hatches are making daily appearances.  Caddis and Yellow Sallies are abundant and fish are keying in on them. Fishing a dry dropper rig along the edges and in eddies has been producing very well.




Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo

Arkansas River Tailwater Flows

Arkansas River - Salida up to Headwaters

Please click the following link for current conditions on the upper Arkansas River: Ark Anglers

Current Flow for the Arkansas River near Wellsville

Arkansas River Near Wellsville Flows

Flow Charts are courtesy of the Colorado Division of Water Resources http://www.dwr.state.co.us