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Please note the Southern Colorado Greenbacks Trout Unlimited Chapter is once again hosting

The Frostbite Fish Off Tournament on Saturday, February 24th on the Pueblo Tailwater.

Go to http://www.frostbitefishoff.com/ for complete details and to register a team. (hurry, only 4 spots left!)

Proceeds are used to help TU achieve its mission of protecting our cold water fisheries.



Conditions : February 15th

Current Flow: 45 CFS below the dam.

Water Temp: 39F from the dam, ranging from 36 - 42F down stream

Clarity: Good, 4 to 5 feet


Weather happenings...

Last Saturday's cold front brought 4 - 6" of badly needed snow to the area. After a slow warm up early in the week, Wednesday and Thursday were warm and breezy, leaving little snow left on the ground. There's a chance of light snow showers Thursday night and cool temps throughout the day on Friday followed by warmer temps over the weekend.


There have been a handful of beautiful rainbows in the 20 - 24" range, plus one monster 27" buck, landed over the last two weeks. However, fishing has been pretty tough for the most part. Flows are about 30 cfs below normal and water clarity has been very good most days. To say the fish have been spooky at times would be an understatement.


The rainbows are just heading into the spawn, about two weeks earlier than usual, and are exhibiting a wide range of behavior over the course of a day. Peak hatch times have been from 11am - 2pm on most days and consist primarily of midge, with baetis making some occasional appearances. These hatches can result in brief periods of good surface action, but more commonly result in fish taking up feeding lies in rifles, or suspending in the water column behind weirs and boulder clusters. Dark midge pupa patterns in size 20 - 24, such as the Ninja, Medallion and Tube Wing midge, have been productive at these times. If there doesn't appear to be any bugs hatching, stick with small larva and mayfly nymph patterns in sz 20 - 24 and focus on areas with slower water and depths in excess of three feet.


Please be mindful not to wade near spawning redds! Also, please keep in mind that the fishery will benefit from anglers NOT fishing to actively spawning trout. If you don't know how to tell if fish are actively spawning or not it is REALLY EASY! If you see fish in shallow water, holding over areas of gravel that have been finned clean of dirt at moss (generally in oval shapes), they are in the process of spawning! PLEASE DON'T CAST to them. If you see fish chasing other fish (usually a larger male fending off smaller, rival males), they are in the process of spawning! PLEASE DON'T CAST to them. Keep in mind that the spawning process takes several weeks for most fish; from the start of redd building and pairing up, to the finish when they have fully released their eggs or milt. During this time, individual fish are only actively spawning for short periods of the day. The rest of the time they will move away from redds and seek deeper water where they can rest and feed. This means that over the next two months, while there will generally be some fish actively spawning at any given time, there ALWAYS many more fish that are resting and feeding in the typical holding areas.


Winter fly fishing is not always easy. That's one reason winter is our prime guiding season on the Pueblo Tailwater. If you are new to fly fishing or simply looking to improve your winter technique, The Drift's guides are the most experienced and knowledgeable guides on the Pueblo Tailwater. Stop by the shop or give us a call if you'd like to book a trip. We guarantee you will leave the water with a smile on your face and a better understanding of this unique urban fishery. Thanks for reading and as always, "Tight Lines!"




Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo

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