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Pueblo Tailwater

Arkansas River Canon City to Salida






Conditions : April 18th

Current Flow: 350 CFS from the dam.

Water Temp: 46F from the dam, ranging from 44 - 54F down stream

Clarity: Excellent


April 18th:

Flows have been ideal this past week and we continue to see great midge and BWO hatches. Fish are feeding much of the day but fish have been picky with regard to size, color and presentation.


April 13th Update:

Flows where dropped to around 400 cfs last night and an additional drop this morning brought the river down to 320 cfs from the dam. The BWO's are really starting pop now that water temps are firmly in the mid to upper 40's and midge hatches have also been prolific. We are forecasting excellent fishing conditions for the next several weeks and with so many other waters fishing well around the state, pressure on the tailwater has been minimal. We have good availability in our guide schedule right now so let us know of you'd like to reserve a date. Tight lines!


April 11th:

The Pueblo Tailwater is experiencing excellent spring fishing conditions at this time. Water temperatures are climbing into the upper 40's and low 50's and both midge and blue-winged olive mayflies (BWOs) are hatching on a regular basis. This increase in hatch activity always corresponds with the end of the rainbow spawn and these post-spawn fish are looking to FEED!! At times, they will throw caution to the wind and will feed very opportunistically on a variety of patterns like Pat's rubber legs, S.J.W.s, eggs and wooly buggers. However, the more typical scenario is that fish will be found feeding rather selectively on midge pupa or BWO nymphs/emergers. If you get to the river and see swallows skimming along the surface, darting side to side as they pick off bugs, you should be in for a great day of fishing. Take note of what bugs you see along the edges and select your flies accordingly. If I had to pick a window of prime fishing it would be in the 10am - 4pm time range.


April 7th:

After several days of higher flows, the river came down over 300 cfs on Friday afternoon to the current reading of 544 cfs. The rainbows have pretty much all finished spawning and, with water temperatures now in the mid - 40's, the blue-winged olive mayflies (BWO's) are hatching on a daily basis. Fishing over the coming weeks should only improve as water temperatures slowly climb and hatches intensify. The hatch is currently a mix of midge and BWO's in size 18 - 22, with midge being more prominent in the morning hours and BWO's taking center stage in the afternoon. Fish are primarily choosing to feed subsurface and nymphing has been the most consistent means to hooking up. The best dry fly opportunities occur during periods of lower flows (below 400 cfs) or particularly heavy hatches. If you like to throw streamers or bigger bugs, early and late in the day will be the best times for opportunistic feeding until water temperatures start hitting the low 50's.


If you are looking for a guide to help you explore this unique, urban fishery, The Drift has the most experienced and knowledgeable guides on the Pueblo Tailwater. Stop by the shop or give us a call. We are always happy to answer your questions and assist in arranging a trip that is sure to exceed your expectations. Thanks for checking in and as always, "Tight Lines!"


Arkansas River - Bighorn Sheep Canyon



Conditions : April 11th

Current Flow Wellsville: 335 CFS from the dam.

Water Temp: 46 - 56F depending on location, weather and time of day

Clarity: Excellent


April 13th Update:

An increase in releases from Twin Lake has brought the river up about 100 cfs. The extra water will give trout a bit more cover and has had no detrimental impact on water clarity. Cooler weather this weekend should spark great BWO hatches through Bighorn Canyon and above.


April 11th:

BWO's and midge continue to hatch throughout Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the river is flowing low and clear. Ideal conditions for wade fishing. Most anglers are doing well nymphing with small midge and BWO emergers trailed behind a caddis larva or stonefly nymph pattern. Dry fly action has been good in the afternoon when the wind isn't blowing hard.

Water temperatures have peaked around 58F the past three days in Canon City and the caddis could start hatching around Florence and Canon City any day now. There is a short cool down forecast for Friday and Saturday and then more warm weather expected through the following week.


April 7th:

The "Upper Ark" is in great shape, with lower than normal flows making it ideal for wade fishing. Blue-winged olive mayflies (BWOs) have been hatching strong for several weeks now and we should start to see good caddis hatches begin in the lower canyon this week as warmer weather returns. Mornings have fished best with a mix of stonefly nymphs in the 8 - 12 sz range, trailed with BWO nymph and emerger patterns in size 18 & 20. Strong BWO hatches are bringing good numbers of fish to the surface in the afternoon. Parachute adams, extended body BWOs and Vis-a-duns in size 18 and 20 are all good choices taking fish on the surface. When caddis are hatching you will want to have your favorite pupa and adult patterns ready in sz 16 & 18. Shop favorites include Barr's graphic caddis and tungsten G2 caddis for pupa imitations; Lawson's spent caddis and Matthew's X2 caddis in the film; and peacock caddis and black foam caddis for dries.




Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo

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