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June 14th

Current Flow: 2,980 cfs

Water Temp: 56 - 58F

Clarity: about 2'


June 14th:

Flows came down a bit the past few days but the river is still running very high and is not well suited for either wade or float fishing. There is still quite a bit of snow in the high country and we do not expect to see flows drop below 2,000 cfs for another week or two.


June 6th:

Runoff has started in earnest throughout the Arkansas basin and flows below Pueblo Dam have risen to over 3,000 cfs over the past week. With the upper river and all of its tributaries swollen with snowmelt, now is a great time to explore the many lake fishing opportunities in the area. Pueblo reservoir, Valco ponds, Martin, Horseshoe and Brush Hollow reservoirs all offer good warm water fishing for a mix of panfish, bass, walleye, wiper and carp. San Isabel and North Lake offer a variety of trout species, including tiger trout, and both are known for having consistent dry fly action. Wahatoya and Deweese are best known for rainbow trout fishing but also have growing populations of smallmouth bass and tiger muskie.

If you are searching for trophy sized trout then it's hard to beat the South Park reservoirs. Spinney Mountain, 11-mile and Antero reservoirs are all well known for producing large trout that grow fat on a healthy diet of scuds, chironomids, callibaetis, damsel flies and crayfish.





The reservoir is quickly moving out of spring/spawn conditions and shifting into summer mode. By that I mean we are now focusing out efforts on deeper water by late morning and generally not returning to fish the coves and shoreline structure until the evening hours. The use of sink tip and full sink lines can be helpful during the heat of the day to keep you offerings close to bottom and in the strike zone. The walleye bite continues to be good using conventional tackle and can certainly be caught on flies as well. If you are looking for numbers of fish, or want to bring some fillets home for dinner, consider booking a walleye trip with us. Give us a call @ (719) 543-3900 to book make your reservation.


Arkansas River Parkdale to Salida


Conditions: June 13th

Flow @ Wellsville: 2900 CFS

Water Temp: 56 - 60F

Water Clarity: Poor


June 14th:

We have seen a decline in flows over the past three days on many Arkansas River tributaries. This may be due to somewhat cooler temperatures to start the week, or it could mean we have seen the peak of this year's runoff. Either way, there is still a considerable amount of snow above 11,000' elevation. We expect the Arkansas River and it's tributaries to remain high and off color for another week or so. Once flows have steadily declined for 7 - 10 days, clarity generally improves significantly and fishing can be very good.


June 6th:

Runoff really kicked in over the past week, swelling the river with snowmelt and bringing a temporary pause to fishing on the river. June is a great time to turn your attention to the numerous lakes available throughout the Arkansas basin, including Antero, Spinney, O'Haver, Clear Creek Reservoir and Crystal Lakes. The high elevation lakes will still have a lot of snow on the trails and may need another week or two to become accessible.




Current Flow for the Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo

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Current Flow for the Arkansas River near Wellsville

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