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Guide Trip FAQ


What will I need to bring?

Fishing license

Individuals sixteen and older are required by Colorado law to have a valid fishing license to fish.  You can save some time by purchasing a license before the day of your trip.  This can be done online by clicking HERE , at The Drift, or at any other licensed retailer.  Purchasing a license ahead of time is particularly important for group trips.  Otherwise, you can obtain your license at our shop on the day of the trip.  To purchase a license, you will need to have a valid, government-issued photo I.D. AND know your social security number.


Sunglasses or reading glasses are required to be worn during the trip to protect your eyes from an errant cast.  Polarized sunglasses are preferred as they help reduce glare on the water’s surface. This aids in spotting fish and also makes for safer wading.


A hat with some kind of bill is strongly recommended to help keep the sun off you face and assist in seeing into the water.


Sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, and snacks are all things you are welcome to bring. Our guides are prepared to take photos of you with your catch if you wish to have them. They will email these photos to you after the trip at no extra cost, so you can leave that camera at home. If you do wish to bring a camera and/or a cell phone be aware that there is the possibility of these items getting wet. If you do bring them please make your guide aware of this at the start of the trip.


What should I wear?

Regardless of the season, we recommend checking the weather forecast the day before your trip.  This will give you a good idea of how you should dress.  We generally recommend you dress as you would for other outdoor activities of moderate exertion and dress in layers as the weather can vary widely throughout the day.   

During fall, winter and spring you will be wearing waders to keep you dry. For your comfort choose pants that are soft and supple, such as quick dry nylon, fleece and yoga/athletic pants. Bulky pants, such as jeans, denim and cargo pants, tend to bunch up and can cause discomfort.

During the summer months, you have the option to “wet wade.”  This means wearing wading boots with neoprene socks (which we will supply) rather than waterproof waders.  Wet wading is generally more comfortable when air temps are in the 80’s and 90’s and water temps are relatively warm.  When wet wading, we recommend you either wear shorts or quick-dry, nylon pants. (the ones with zip off legs are perfect)   

* If you are unsure if the conditions will favor wet wading please call us for more details.


What if I want to use my own gear?

Great! We encourage people to bring their own gear to use as long as it is suitable for our fishery and in good working order. A nine foot 4, 5 or 6 weight rod and a fly reel with a smooth drag is recommended.  We generally fish with 4x or 5x leaders. If you are booking a float trip please do not wear boots with studded soles.



It is common practice to tip your guide at the end of the trip. The amount you tip is completely up to you and should depend on the preparedness and knowledge displayed by the guide, as well as how much you enjoyed your trip. Tips generally range from 20 to 30% of the trip cost.


Will I be able to keep the fish I catch?

We practice catch and release on all of our trips to ensure the ongoing health of the fishery. If you catch that “Fish of a Lifetime” we will take pictures and measurements so you can get a quality replica mount.


Liability and Participation Agreement

When booking online, please be sure to print and sign the waiver form which is found in your client portal.  If you don’t have access to a printer you can sign the form at the shop.  


If you still have questions regarding any aspect of your trip please feel free to call us 719-543-3900.  Our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary day on the water and avoid any surprises.

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