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The Drift Fly Shop offers a variety of guided fishing trips in and around Pueblo and employs only the most knowledgeable and professional guides in the area. We recognize that people have various reasons for booking a guided fishing trip and to ensure your trip is an enjoyable one, we will tailor suit it to meet your individual needs.


Pueblo Tailwater:


The Pueblo Tailwater is widely recognized as Colorado’s best winter fly fishing destination. However, the fishing is good as soon as high summer flows subside, typically by late August, and continues well into spring. The rivers main attraction is the quality rainbow, cut bow and brown trout that grow fast and fight hard. Our trips focus on the first six rivers mile below Pueblo dam. At any given time, we know which parts are fishing best and will strive to keep you on fish throughout the day. You will typically use flies designed specifically for this fishery and tied locally. All trips conducted on the Tailwater are strictly catch and release. If you catch that trophy fish you've been dreaming of we will help take measurements and photos for a replica mount.



Half-day (4hrs) one person - $225, half-day two person - $285
Full day (6hrs) one person - $325, full day two person - $375 (full day trips include lunch)

(Prices include use of rods, reels, wader and boots) 


New for 2017 The Drift now offers Guided Float Trips on the Tailwater!


You asked and we listened! The Drift Fly Shop is excited to now offer float fishing trips on the tailwater.... and from an Adipose Drift Boat no less! The section from Juniper Bridge to the Nature Center is a leisurely 3 mile float that makes for a perfect half day float but can easily be stretched into a full day trip by strategically anchoring the boat along prime holding water that is otherwise inaccessible during higher flows. Enjoy a mix of nymph, streamer and dry fly fishing from the comfort of a quality drift boat and get to those areas you always wanted to fish but couldn't reach on foot.


Half-day one person - $350
Full day one person - $450

(trips are 1 or 2 person, full day trips include lunch)


Pueblo Reservoir (a.k.a. Lake Pueblo)


Starting in early spring, there is some fantastic warm water fishing opportunities on the reservoir. Our reservoir trips are conducted using quality motorized fishing boats which accommodate one or two anglers. Pueblo reservoir boasts healthy numbers of smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass which are eager to smash a well-placed popper or seductive streamer. It is also the states premier walleye fishery and 40 - 60 fish days are not uncommon.  Another highly desirable game fish is the common carp. Carp sometimes get a bad rap as being a "trash" fish, but what they lack in beauty they more than make up for in sheer size and brute force. Seeing a 10, 15 or even 20 pound carp lazily sipping along the surface or tailing in the shallows is sure get your adrenaline pumping! Reservoir trips can utilize both fly and conventional tackle based on client preferences.


1/2 Day - $295 One person, or $325 Two Person

Full Day - $415 One person, or $450 Two Person

(Price includes use of equipment and flies)



Arkansas River Walk/Wade and Float Trips:


The Arkansas River is a dynamic freestone fishery. Water temperatures rise and fall over the course of a day, the sun beats down or clouds move in, the angle of the light or the barometric pressure or the wind changes. Tied to these environmental forces, the river’s aquatic insect populations go through different stages of their life cycles, become more active or dormant, and in doing so become more or less available to the fish. It’s a rare day that fish won’t eat. More often, the angler is challenged to figure out what it is they will eat and where in the river they’d prefer to eat it.


1/2 Day Walk/Wade Rates: 1 Person - $225, 2 Person - $285

Full Day Walk/Wade Rates: 1 Person - $330, 2 Person - $370


1/2 Day Float Rates: 1 Person - $295, 2 Person - $325

Full Day Float Rates: 1 Person - $415, 2 Person - $450


Some float trips and all walk/wade trips conducted in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area are offered through ArkAnglers.


Give us a call @ (719)543-3900 or select this link: Book a Trip at the Drift Flyshop and make your reservation today.


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