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The Drift Fly Shop is the exclusive full service fly shop in Pueblo and the ONLY shop on the Colorado front range who’s primary focus is fishing and guiding on the Arkansas River below Lake Pueblo (a.k.a. the Pueblo Tailwater) and the reservoir itself!  After all, both fisheries are only a 15 minute drive from our front door!!  We offer both walk-wade and float fishing trips on the Pueblo Tailwater, and warm water fly fishing trips on our local reservoirs using a well-outfitted, power boat.  All of our guides live in the area and guide exclusively on our local waters.  We may not be the biggest fly fishing outfitter in Colorado, but we ARE the best at what we do!

The Drift’s guides use only premium equipment from the leading manufacturers in fly fishing to ensure you have a quality trip while providing you the opportunity to try out some the latest and greatest gear.  At The Drift, there is never additional charges to use our equipment during any of our guided fly fishing trips.  Our guide rates also cover the flies used during your trip, many of which were designed and tied by your guide.  Please note, the cost of a fishing license is not included in our trip rates.  Also, gratuity for your guide is customary and is not included in the price of the trip.  How much you tip your guide is completely up to you, however, 20 – 25% of the trip cost is most common.

On a 1/2 day trip, you can expect about 4 hours on the water with your guide.  Our full day trips include a minimum of 6 hours on the water, plus time for lunch.  Rather than start our guided trips at specific times each day we always take into account current fishing conditions and weather patterns to try and have you on the water at the best possible time.

Finally, we recognize that people have different reasons for booking a guided fishing trip. To ensure your trip with us meets and exceeds your expectations, please let us know any special requests you have, or specific things you’d like your guide to focus on during your time on the water. 


Pueblo Tailwater:

The Arkansas River tailwater below Lake Pueblo is widely recognized as Colorado’s best “winter” fly fishing destination.  This is due to it’s easy access from I-25, Pueblo’s mild climate, stable winter flows, and last but not least, the quality of the trout you will find here.  However, keep in mind that some of the best fishing of the year on the tailwater can occur in spring, summer and fall.  Whenever flows from the dam are below 1,000 cfs for wade fishing, or 2,000 cfs for float fishing, chances are the fishing is good.   

The Pueblo Tailwater’s main attraction for anglers is the quality rainbow, cut-bow and brown trout that grow big and fight hard.  Based on recent CPW surveys, this stretch of the Arkansas River supports up to 3,000 trout per mile and also contains small populations of bass, walleye, catfish and carp.  Our trips generally focus on the first four river miles below Pueblo Dam, where there is the highest concentration of prime habitat AND quality fish.  In order to preserve the quality of the fishery, all guide trips conducted on the Pueblo Tailwater are strictly catch and release. 


Walk-Wade Trips

We offer both ½ day and full day walk-wade fishing trips year around on the Pueblo Tailwater.  Our walk/wade fly fishing trips are ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers alike.  Wade fishing generally allows for more hands on instruction and the ability to thoroughly fish a specific stretch of the river.  All of our guides live in the area and specialize in fishing this magnificent “urban” trout fishery.  We love introducing new anglers to the sport of fly fishing, as well as helping experienced anglers hone their skills.  You will find our guides to be both knowledgeable and patient as they work to ensure your fishing adventure with us is enjoyable and memorable.   

Half-day (4hrs) 1 person – $225, 2 person – $285
Full day (min. of 6hrs) 1 person – $325, 2 person – $375 (full day trips include lunch)

(Price includes the use of equipment and flies)


European Nymphing Trips

“European” nymphing techniques have grown in popularity here in the US after being developed decades ago by anglers from the Czech Republic, Poland, France and Spain to consistently win worldwide fly fishing competitions. European nymphing methods utilize specialized equipment, line/leader material, and flies to give anglers an edge while fishing a range of conditions.  These trips will bring you up to speed on all the little nuances of the various methods while also giving you to opportunity to test different equipment to see what best suits your needs.  European Nymphing isn’t the “end-all” of fly fishing methods, but learning these tactics can certainly add enjoyment to your fishing while boosting catch rates in even the most technical of fishing situations.

Half-day (4hrs) 1 person – $225, 2 person – $285
Full day (6hrs) 1 person – $325, 2 person – $375 (full day trips include lunch)

(Price includes the use of equipment and flies) 


Pueblo Reservoir (a.k.a. Lake Pueblo)

Starting in early spring, there are some fantastic warm water fishing opportunities on the reservoir. Our reservoir trips are conducted using quality motorized fishing boats which accommodate one or two anglers. Pueblo reservoir boasts healthy numbers of smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass which are eager to smash a well-placed popper or seductive streamer. It is also the states premier walleye fishery and 40 – 60 fish days are not uncommon.  Another highly desirable game fish is the common carp. Carp sometimes get a bad rap as being a “trash” fish, but what they lack in beauty they more than make up for in sheer size and brute force. Seeing a 10, 15 or even 20-pound carp lazily sipping along the surface or tailing in the shallows is sure to get your adrenaline pumping! Reservoir trips can utilize both fly and conventional tackle based on client preferences.

1/2 Day – $350, One person or Two Person

Full Day – $475, One or Two Person (full day trips include lunch)

(Price includes the use of equipment and flies)


Tenkara Trips

Tenkara fly fishing is a simplified approach to catching fish on flies that eliminates the need for a reel. Tenkara offers beginners an easier path to learning the sport of fly fishing with less moving parts.  Tenkara also provides seasoned anglers a new challenge in chasing fish with less gear.  A good analogy would be hunting with a traditional re-curve bow (Tenkara) rather than a modern compound bow (traditional rod/reel).  Plus, Tenkara has some distinct advantages over traditional fly rod and reel gear such as the ease in which one can achieve a perfect dead drift at close range, as well as imparting movement to nymphs and dry flies.  There is a common misconception that Tenkara is only good for catching “small” fish and that is simply NOT the case.

On a guided Tenkara trip with The Drift Fly Shop you will learn the advantages (and disadvantages) Tenkara offers compared to traditional fly rod/reel.  Our guides can teach you how to effectively present dry flies, nymphs and small streamers, as well as traditional Tenkara wet flies so you can start catching fish quickly and consistently.  

Half-day (4hrs) 1 person – $225, 2 person – $285
Full day (6hrs) 1 person – $325, 2 person – $375 (full day trips include lunch)


Colorado Outfitter License #2814 – River Outfitter License #578

Be assured the Drift Fly Shop is a fully licensed, permitted, bonded and insured Colorado Outfitter!

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